Jet Lagged

I travel for work. A lot. And mostly, I love it, but sometimes, all of that back and forth, time zones and conference/hotel food takes its toll … When I originally wrote the post below, it was May. I had come back from Goose Bay and was headed to Ottawa and was staring down a … Continue reading Jet Lagged

Marni: Unplugged

I came across a tweet the other day that read, “If you do one good thing today, how about thanking a songwriter for what they do?” This got me thinking …  *          *          *  The Yarmouth Exhibition – a celebration of rurality complete with livestock barns, ox-pulls and marching bands. My Grampie used to run … Continue reading Marni: Unplugged


Tuesday May 24, music fans across the country woke up to impossible news: Gord Downie, singer of the Tragically Hip had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 52. 52. Gord Downie. Cancer. Terminal. I was gutted. Hearing that one of the artists I have been awed by since my early 20s … Continue reading #Courage