A Little About Me

8 thoughts on “A Little About Me”

  1. oh, oh, Marn…scary, scary, scary….not your profile, …the world of blogs…I’ve never ventured there before but you have always been gutsy…Enjoyed the profile and “oceanside”.. dont know what happens next but here goes!


  2. Marni
    I think of you often and I miss so much things that we have shared.
    I moved from COCQ-SIDA, AIDS research and mobilization. I am currently employed by ÉNAP (École nationale d’administration public – Public administration School) and University of Montreal – to do a narrative review and case based studies about physicians methods of payment. I enjoy! Also, I’m taking an English writing (Scientific writing) class that is almost finished (April 21th). I will come back here to read more from you.
    Oh! And the book on community-based reserach will finaly be published in August 2015!!!
    Love you Mélina


  3. Wow who knew!! What an interest in backstory!! You had me at records and then Star Wars. Looking forward on catching up on what you’ve posted already.

    Fellow yogi, Dawn

    Ps and is your novel done?


    1. Thanks for reading Dawn! I hope you enjoy the posts as much as you’ve enjoyed the intro piece! 🙂 Nope, the novel is not finished – yet. I started working with an editor in March and I’m in the depths of another re-write … this one is getting me MUCH closer to my original vision, which is very exciting! Maybe it just took time to get me there, but it’s coming along nicely.


  4. Grade 9 seems to be a magical time to discover ones passions. I had a writing assignment that had a two page minimum. I wrote 42 pages. I also discovered guitar and music in general at this time.

    Thanks for sharing your journey thus far!


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