Marni: Unplugged

7 thoughts on “Marni: Unplugged”

  1. Great post Marni! If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love reading your blog. In fact, yours is the only one I read regularly. Keep ’em coming! 🙂


  2. Marni I was standing right there and you were NOT a spazz. You were, however, caught in the tractor-beam that is Sam when you realize he knows who you are, knows your name, remembers things you’ve said/done/written and takes a moment to thank YOU for being there. It makes your brain into an etch-a-sketch that someone gently shook.

    I’m glad that you were nervous too, I feel the same meeting new people. What’s great is we were all ‘in this together’, and we have SRB to thank for that. Here’s to many more shared experiences.


    1. Thanks Carolyn … my brain certainly did turn into a ‘gently shaken etch-a-sketch’ that night … I honestly thought that the SRB social media was run by SRB management … and so I was like … what??? when Sam knew my name w/out prompting. (I honestly think the French last name didn’t hurt my cause either.) Sam had started following me about a week or so before we left for Bala on Twitter … but again, I thought it was some automatic part of their twitter feed – like if a person likes or re-tweets you # times, the program automatically knows to follow them. I guess I always err on the side of invisibility – like no one (sam) would read anything I post … re-thinking that one now! ;D And yes … I was SUPER nervous to meet you all … so many things could have made that meeting go sideways, but everyone was/is so great and I am grateful – truly – to have found you all. Can’t wait to do it again next Labour Day weekend! And yes – here’s to the many more good SRB times ahead! 😀


  3. hehe.. less of a spaz. i doubt you were, but even if you were i’m sure he gets that all the time.. and i think, from what i’ve seen of how he is with fans, that he probably expects it and smiles at it and nudges people gently to get them to say a bit more. I think my first clue of SRB was Brother Down or Hard Road.. and like you the lyric that gets me is about it being hard for everyone and we’re all basically just trying to find our way in life.. that bit changed how i looked at people and has changed my life in a lot of ways.


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