A little bit of west in the east

One thought on “A little bit of west in the east”

  1. HI MARNI Great to hear your news and your fantasy drive;one of my favorite things is driving with the summer wind in my hair;feel almost 16 again. Hw goes the novel? GLAD YOU TWO ARE ENJOYING YOUR NEW PLACE. We are in the process of moving ;out by end of June.New adventure for us. STAY HAPPY . Regards Sheila A.

    On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 7:56 AM, marni amirault wrote:

    > mamirault2015 posted: “A week or so ago, I was in Toronto for a > conference. The mad pace was set as soon as I dumped my luggage in the > hotel room that stood in as ‘home’ for the next four days. I met my > colleague Patrick in the hotel lobby and we were off to find our hotel > liai”


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